I am a Senior Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research. I completed my Ph.D. at Georgia Tech, advised by Prof. Patricio A. Vela in IVALab. Prior to that, I received M.S. from EECS at University of Michigan (UM) in 2014, and B.S. from EE at National Taiwan University (NTU) in 2011.
I enjoy working on vision-based robotic manipulation with affordance understanding, which allows intelligent machines to interact with the physical world. My research interest lies at the intersection of robotics, computer vision and machine learning.
News: I will be hiring research interns for Summer 2022. Please drop me an email if you are interested.


Please see my Google Scholar for complete publication list.
Primitive Shape Recognition for Object Grasping
submitted to IJRR
Recognizing Object Affordances to Support Scene Reasoning for Manipulation Tasks
submitted to IJRR
An Affordance Keypoint Detection Network for Robot Manipulation
IEEE RA-L 2021 with ICRA 2021
GKNet: Grasp Keypoint Network for Grasp Detection
IJRR 2021
Improving Vision-Based Robotic Manipulation with Affordance Understanding
Fu-Jen Chu
Ph.D. Dissertation at Georgia Institute of Technology 2020
Using Synthetic Data and Deep Networks to Recognize Primitive Shapes for Object Grasping
Toward Affordance Detection and Ranking on Novel Objects for Real-world Robotic Manipulation
IEEE RA-L 2019 with IROS 2019
Learning Affordance Segmentation for Real-world Robotic Manipulation via Synthetic Images
IEEE RA-L 2019 with ICRA 2019
Real-World, Multiobject, Multigrasp Detection
IEEE RA-L 2018 with IROS 2018
Hands-Free Control of an Assistive Manipulator Using Augmented Reality and Tongue Drive System
The Helping Hand: An Assitive Manipulation Framework Using Augmented Reality and Tongue-Drive Interfaces
When Crowdsourcing Meets Mobile Sensing: A Social Network Perspective
IEEE Communication Magazine 2015
When Crowdsourcing Meets Mobile Sensing: A Social Network Perspective
IEEE Globecom Workshops 2015


Facebook AI Research (FAIR)

Research Scientist, Aug. 2020 - present

Texas Instruments

Research Intern, Summer 2016

with Dr. Murtaza Ali

Volvo Group

Research Intern, Spring 2016

with Dr. Fares Beainy


Georgia Institute of Technology

Doctor of Philosophy

Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Michigan

Master of Science

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

National Taiwan University

Bachelor of Science

Electrical Engineering